Initial Thoughts


This blog is called Wainwrants – a play on my last name “Wainwright”, which if you were interested is ye olde English for wagon-maker (a wright is a maker and a wain is a wagon). The rant portion of the title is derived from my lifelong tendency to become somewhat verbose on topics I am passionate about, much to the delight and sometimes dismay of those within earshot.

Blogs are by nature somewhat strange, “Here are my thoughts rest of the world! They deserve their own place separate from the rest!”. But realistically I see them as just another way of trying to make our mark on the world and give ourselves some sense of purpose. I’m quite fond of the adjective “dope” to describe things I find particularly awesome/intriguing and it applies to the subject of blogs. I would say that being able to smash my fingers into some plastic that is sending electronic impulses to a magic box connected to most of the world, to articulate the electronic impulses racing around a complex machine inside my head I couldn’t hope to fully understand in an attempt to make sense of the reality that represents an even larger and more complex system it all exists in – is “pretty fucking dope”. ┬áIn addition to being dope, I see it as an opportunity to criticize myself and grow. I imagine I will revisit my own writings in the future and groan at my ideas, my writing, and my inevitable sea of terrible puns.

This blog won’t focus on any particular topics too heavily as my intellectual and emotional curiosities tend to be quite varied. I will say that it will probably have some rationalist overtones and a slight emphasis on topics of philosophy, science, world events and sports. Don’t worry though, I am positive the blog will also include meaningless lists of my favourite things, reviews of movies I see or books that I read, 4am drunken rambles, and probably some pictures of adorable animals for good measure.

If you know me and are here I’m sure nothing I write will come as much of a surprise to you. If you have ended up here by chance or through direction from an acquaintance or some other source, I hope you enjoy what I write. Actually, I just hope you read it even if you hate it, then leave a comment so we can talk about it. Or literally just leave and never come back. It doesn’t matter – even if this is the LAST thing you ever read that I wrote, our worlds are now intertwined in some way. Even if it just means you avoid one specific page on the internet forever.

The internet is INSANE. It’s literally magic. Photons are shooting my consciousness INTO YOURS right now. The world is awesome. Being alive is the best thing ever (and the only thing, so probably take advantage of it while it lasts). So hey, welcome to my blog. Be prepared to be amazed, offended, angry, happy, bored, and maybe even a little turned on.

Welcome to Wainwrants.

Keep on Keepin on.

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